Borgia – Season 3 (2014)


Borgia – Season 3 (2014)

Starring:  John Doman, Mark Ryder, Isolda Dychauk

Created By:  Tom Fontana

Link to Trailer: [youtube]

The Plot:  It was the age of Da Vinci and Michelangelo, of enlightened creativity and unparalleled intellectual achievement. But it was also the age of Machievelli, of rampant lawlessness, incessant war and unspeakable depravity. At the heart of the world order was the Vatican, the arbiter of conflicts between kingdoms and empires. And at the center of the Vatican was a man whose quest for power would propel him to seek the ultimate prize, the holy see of Rome.

Comments:  This became my new favorite historical drama, after finishing The Tudors. John Doman stood out for me, but the entire cast is very good. Not to be confused with Showtime’s “The Borgias”, which I have not seen.

Links:  [imdb] [wikipedia] [beta film] [daily kos]


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