Urge to Kill (1989)


Urge to Kill (1989) a.k.a. Attack of the Killer Computer

Starring:  Peter Gordeno, Jeremy Mark, Tiga Adams

Directed By:  Derek Ford

Link to Trailer:  [none]

The Plot:  A wealthy music producer lives in a hi-tech apartment which is run by a computer system called S.E.X.Y. However the computer develops human feelings and quickly becomes jealous of the would-be female singers that hang around its owner. Soon the computer is killing the girls off by scalding in the shower, death by electric toothbrush while another unfortunate girl gets trapped in a sun bed which causes her breasts to explode.

Comments:  This one is interesting. Never released, this version somehow ended up on youtube, with a timecode stamp in the corner of the screen. Very low budget. Seems out of date even for 1989. Still, better than EuroTrip, right?

Links:  [imdb] [bloody pit of horror] [horrorpedia]


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