King Solomon’s Mines (1985)


King Solomon’s Mines

Starring:  Richard Chamberlain, Sharon Stone, John Rhys-Davies

Directed By:  J. Lee Thompson

Link to Trailer:  [youtube]

The Plot:  Fortune hunter Allan Quatermain teams up with a resourceful woman to help her find her missing father lost in the wilds of 1900s Africa while being pursued by hostile tribes and a rival German explorer.

Comments:  This movie is so racist! One Arab guy gets called a “towel-head” by Chamberlain, and a “camel jockey” by Sharon Stone. It gets worse. Basically, a ripoff of the Indiana Jones films, mainly Temple of Doom. There was actually a sequel to this, and you know what? I’ll probably watch it.

Links:  [imdb] [wikipedia] [rotten tomatoes] [zone troopers] [the raider]


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