Boogeyman (2005)

cover-boogeymanBoogeyman (2005)

Starring: Barry Watson, Emily Deschanel

Directed By: Stephen Kay

Link to Trailer:  [youtube]

The Plot:  A young man tries to deal with the childhood terror that has affected his life.

Comments:  Is it “bogeyman” or “boogeyman”? One of many watered down PG-13 horror films from the past decade or so. To be honest, I grabbed this real quick from the 10 for $15 bin at Buybacks, based on the DVD cover alone. I didn’t know Zooey Deschanel had an older sister, and she looks and acts exactly like her in this movie.

Links:  [imdb] [wikipedia] [rotten tomatoes] [the movie spoiler] [metacritic] [cinema blend]


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This is basically a timeline of films I have seen recently, and what I thought about them.
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